Corbett-Terwilliger demo progress

The demolition on our Corbett-Terwilliger project is progressing nicely, and we're now at a stage where we can start adding to the house rather than taking away.

We have removed all the exterior siding and interior finishes, and are left with only the basement, first floor joists & wall framing, and second floor joists.

Foundations for the new porch at the front of the house. The metal rods are reinforcing bar for the concrete stem wall, which has yet to be poured.

The existing front door, still in place.

The existing basement will step down three feet here, into a new artists' studio, with a nine foot high ceiling and views out to the river.

The house sits on a site with incredible views down to the Willamette, which the new house will make the most of. These photos were taken from the location of the future living and dining rooms, which will open out on a large back porch. On a clear day, both Mt Hood and Mt Saint Helens will be visible from the porch.

View from the second floor.